Meerschaum Coloring Contest and Meerschaum Pipe Sale!! 

Our annual Meerschaum Coloring Contest and Meerschaum Pipe Sale begins on Monday, April 1st. All new meerschaum pipes will be at least 20% off and many will be 30% off. Come in and see our selection of meerschaum pipes and enter the Meerschaum Coloring Contest. Don't know how the Meerschaum Coloring Contest works? Buy a new meerschaum pipe on or after April 1st and you are eligible to enter. Smoke it until the Pipe Smoking Contest in October and bring it in to be judged. If your pipe is in the top three you win a prize and if not you still have a cool meerschaum pipe that you got a heck of a deal on. You can't lose!


Avo Cigar Event!!

Friday, April 5th, 6PM - 10 PM

Join us as we celebrate Avo Uvezian, a man who enjoyed life, music, and cigars.This is the best day of the year to buy Avo Cigars...free cigars and swag and big discounts!!  You could WIN an awesome drone! For pre-orders, please contact the shop.   Great deals and discounts on all Avo cigars! There will be food by St. George's BBQ and drinks as well.



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