Just For Him's Amateur Pipe Carving Contest
3:00pm September 17th - 12:00pm November 12th

September 17th will be the start of Just For Him's first amateur pipe carving contest. This contest is for amateurs only. Professional pipe carvers are more than welcome to attend the demonstration but please do not enter the contest. This is meant to be a fun introduction to pipe making for those interested in trying their hand at it. If you're not sure which category you fall under it is simply this: If you have been paid for a pipe you've made you are considered a professional.

To enter the contest participants will need to purchase one of our Carve Your Own pipe blocks on or after September 17th(these blocks are pre-drilled and come with an unfinished stem), sign up for the contest and have their picture taken. Contestants must use this block and stem for their finished pipes. Contestants will have until November 12th to carve their pipes. All pipes must be brought into the shop for judging on or before noon on November 12th. The judging will be done by Just For Him staff and some of our local professional pipe carvers. More information will be available on September 17th.

Pipe maker Matt Roussell(one of the judges) will be giving a pipe making demonstration at 3:00pm on September 17th. Matt will be giving tips on carving and finishing pipes and will be available to answer questions.