'Merica Party(Rocky Patel Cigar Party)
Saturday, September 10th 6pm-10pm

The boss once had the most perfect fried bologna sandwich. It was so good that we decided to throw a party to celebrate fried bologna......... and all other things that are 'Merica.

Rocky Patel Cigars will be featured and there will of course be great deals on all Rocky and Java cigars.

Yes.....we will be serving fried bologna, cheetos, and discount beer. It will be kinda awesome!


Please plan on dressing for the occasion....prizes will be awarded! Do a google search on 'Merica for ideas. Anyone that shows up in a 'Merica Bikini earns free stuff!....ladies in bikinis will get extra points and even more free stuff.

Also, there will be a 'Merica food contest! Bring in a creative dish and win stuff! (vienna sausage, pickled eggs, etc).

'Merica costume contest....SPAM carving contest.....redneck wine contest, etc. I think you get the picture. All winners will get some free stuff!!.